Laura Coughlan - Nov 20th 2020

Positive Outlook vs Black Friday

Massive Landfill

“Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now?” - Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

‘Black Friday’. Two words that send shudders down our spines. Drowned in chaotic energy and an endless craving to consume, consume, consume, all sense flies out of the window in the pursuit of fleeting and materialistic highs.

Gone are the values that define good companies and trustworthy brands, and in come the haphazard panic purchasing of whoever is throwing the best discounts your way. When the brief high lifts, many are left with objects they neither truly want or need. At best, these items become distracting clutter within the home. At worst, they end their short, wasteful lives in landfill.

Black Friday is an unethical mess, with the planet ultimately paying the price.

Picture this: It’s 1950’s America and swarms of suburban shoppers and tourists hysterically rush to Philadelphia post-Thanksgiving, ahead of the annual Army-Navy football game. Roads become gridlocked and the streets within this invaded city become so wild and disorderly, that even the police force cannot keep control. Chaos, accidents and violence ensue, gaining this infamous day the title of Black Friday.

Decades later, this frantic energy still feels very apt.

Black Friday has spread through the globe like a capitalist poison. Big corporations have helped to push a false narrative that owning THINGS will create happiness. Subtle marketing tactics manipulate us into believing that what we have is simply not enough, creating a collective insecurity which only works to line the pockets of the rich and powerful. The irony is that oftentimes the void these products are trying to help you fill, was created by society in the first place.

At our core, Positive Outlook strives to make a positive impact on the world and the people in it. We are not about mindless consuming. Our products are meticulously chosen, designed and manufactured with care and attention. The price you pay for one of our garments is a price that pays for a greener world, fairly paid workers and high-quality clothing. For this reason, we will not be offering any discounts this coming Black Friday. It is important that we stand behind our values surrounding conscious consumption and spread a wider awareness of who makes your clothing and its impact.

It is alarming that big corporations are able to offer 60%, 70%, or even higher discounts with such ease and STILL make a profit. What is their ethical stance and supply chain really like, if they are able to squeeze out such big offers? Not very sustainable we think.


This year we are reclaiming this unethical event. Black Friday becomes ‘Give Back Friday’ as we add a Positive Outlook twist to make a kind impact on the world.

We will still sell our items online, at full price — however — 100% of our profits on Friday 27th November will go towards #IAMWHOLE. 

man smiling, mental health

Fearless in battling mental health stigma in order to drive real change, #IAMWHOLE is a not for profit project run by Spirit Media Studios and Jordan Stephens. The money from partnerships helps build a community and create campaigns to raise money for a diverse range of mental health service providers and charities. Beneficiaries in the past include: YMCA, CALM and The Mix. Money raised goes into a separate bank account ring fenced for #IAMWHOLE activities.

Currently in the UK and Ireland, nearly one million children and young people have a diagnosed mental health difficulty. This is the equivalent to three children in every class room.

We are so proud to support such an incredible and worthwhile organisation.

We hope you will join us in protecting our energy, the environment and society as a WHOLE this Black Friday. Let’s work towards a brighter future, where Black Friday does not survive in the era of ethical consumerism.

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Article credit : Laura Coughlan - Ethical and Wellness write for Positive Outlook Clothing

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