From Root to Shoot - A Day in the Life of Positive Outlook

Laura Coughlan

Ethical and wellness writer based in London.

Author Donna Goddard declared that there is a depth to life which only arises from our connection to other people. Every chance encounter and shared moment creates a unique opportunity for a transference of energy, wisdom, culture, and of course, positive outlooks

Connection fuels a flow of positivity within ourselves, which in turn, has the ability to empower us as a community. Rooted in connection, we sought to explore this symbolic fusion of energy within our new look. Crafting a unique union of creative talents and vitalising personalities, only strengthened our belief that when we come together, we can achieve greatness.

Feel a new wave of positivity, as we explore a day in the life of Positive Outlook.

Unlike the ruthless fashion scenes and chaotic shoots that have come to be immortalised within film and literature, our photography-fuelled day exuded an air of both peace and playfulness. Laughing, dancing and the occasional handstand competition, to name a few – quiet moments were filled with an almost speed-dating-like exchange of personal anecdotes. 

We know that people leave traces of themselves when they feel most at ease, so it was important to have fun. To relax in the comfort of sustainable fabrics, in the presence of good company and to encapsulate this energy within the photos. By doing so, we could extend this same essence outwardly and towards our loyal community. No egos, no posing – just smiles, unapologetic confidence and a snapshot of the carefree lifestyle in which we all wish to attain and maintain.

This energising ambiance was perfectly enhanced by our shoot location. Set within a quaint Grade II Listed wartime site, Natural Light Studios (very aptly) flooded the room with bright sunlight. The vast space was separated into three creative stations, making the room feel alive at every turn. The rustic interiors perfectly complimented our minimalist approach to aesthetics. The sets were stripped back to the bone, making room for the talent’s emotions to radiate through.

Positive Outlook has always been an open-door community. Not only did we welcome valued customers to model our environmentally sympathetic garments, but also likeminded companies and their earth positive products too. From Alexander Hay’s carefully crafted furniture, rich in stories and tangible pleasure, to Wild Fawn Jewellery’s delicate Fairtrade gold designs which are all exclusively recycled or produced fairly and transparently. Reef Knots ‘seas the day’ by giving back to the ocean mantra makes them forever a firm favourite of ours, while Another Country and Complete Unity Yoga’s ethically crafted and intuitively designed products made them a joy to collaborate with too.

Creative people are the ones who often inspire change and progress in the world, and for that reason we will forever use our photoshoots as a chance to grow, empower and connect.

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