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Our goal is to create beautifully crafted everyday essentials that impact our environment as little as possible and feel great wash after wash.

Turning a negative into a positive

The fashion industry has become a topic of negativity over the past 20 years with the growth of fast fashion distributing quantity over quality. The world can’t keep up with this pace bearing the side effects of mountains of waste, unethical labour and unnecessary harm to our environment.

So, we put sustainable practices at the core of our business. We only choose natural fabrics that have little impact on the environment and we only partner with clothing manufacturers that care about their employees and their impact, too. We like people with a positive outlook ;)

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Natural fibres

We carefully select each fabric based on its environmental footprint and lifetime durability.

We opt for mainly natural materials from botanical origin such as bamboo, Tencel and organic-cotton. These are both kind to the environment and silky smooth on your skin.

All our fabrics GOTS certified guaranteeing that the people that made them are paid living wages and treated like humans.

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Reduced emissions

Reduced emissions

By choosing natural materials we are contributing to the growth of CO2 absorbing and oxygen producing plants and trees

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Low water consumption

Low water consumption

Fabrics like bamboo require less than a 1/3 of the water used to grow conventional cotton.

No pesticides graphic icon

No harmful pesticides

No harmful pesticides

We have never and will not ever use harmful pesticides in the production of our raw materials

Organic certified dyes graphic icon

Organic certified dyes

Organic certified dyes

We only use organic certified dyes for our fabrics. Carefully mixed and tested in our in-house laboratory.

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Ethical manufacture

We work closely with a handful of trusted and certified family-run manufacturers.

They share our vision for sustainability - constantly striving to develop their methods and reduce their environmental impact.

Our manufacturers are part of the SEDEX and SMETA groups, continually working to improve working conditions and their supply chains

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t shirts and their packaging

Positive packaging

Our commitment to minimising our footprint doesn't end with our clothing.

All our packaging from manufacturer to customer is made from recycled paper from FSC certified forests.

All our packaging can be re-used, recycled and is easily biodegradable when it nears its lifes end.

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Fully recyclable

Fully recyclable

All the main body of our packaging is fully recyclable on a consumer level. Please remove the stickers and add to your regular paper recycling.

Biodegradable Graphic Icon

Fully biodegradable

Fully biodegradable

At the end of its life our packaging will fully biodegrade in 3 months given the correct conditions.

No plastic Graphic Icon

No plastic

No plastic

We have and will never use plastic in our product packaging.

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