Woman sitting on a sofa in bamboo clothes


Putting on your favourite top does wonders for your well being. A great energy comes with looking and feeling good, it flows with you impacting all you do. That’s the power of positivity.

Looks that let you shine

Positive Outlook is easy everyday style, on your body and in your mind. Clothes for the doing days, comfort for the chill days, casuals for the nipping out to run some errands days and wear for the days you fancy doing a little more with your body. Effortless items, sourced sustainably, made ethically and made to make you feel good. We don’t do trends. We do essential items that take you through the day one step a time.

A Positive Outlook garment is a positive mindset, feel it.

Group of women talking

Spread positive vibes

Every chance encounter and shared
moment creates a unique opportunity for a transference of energy, wisdom,
culture, and of course, positive outlooks.

We hope that every time a customer sees or wears an item of our clothing, it gives them a small boost, a smile, a push to keep going, and acts as a symbol of like-minded positive people. 

Wear positive, feel positive.

Experts in the art of comfort

Free of elaborate colours and over-complicated designs, we let our materials
do the talking.

Woman smiling on a sofa

Luxury everyday essentials

We create quality crafted clothing that focuses on you and helps you feel your best. We don't cater to high street fashion and exotic looks, we look a little further, inwards into one's mindset and inner confidence.

Simple and luxurious in comfort our clothing is designed to complement your natural beauty. You wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you!

Positive people

It’s all about people and Positivity brings people together. Over the years we've met some amazing people and together we've built a brand connection and aspiration to be the good in the world.

Everyday is a lesson

Since starting the company in 2012 in a converted shed, deep in the Warwickshire woodland, using eco-friendly water-based inks to print onto blank organic-cotton t-shirts we have continued to take every day as a lesson. Our mistakes have been our learning and it is thanks to them we have bettered ourselves and our company.

Today, we are still learning and growing with a close network of like-minded people and suppliers who share our passion for our environment and social impact.