Positive Outlook Clothing & Free Spirit Fitness Culture presents… ‘The Magic of a Morning routine’ – a collaborative campaign sharing the power and importance of investing in yourself at the start of the day... 

February - Victoria Mairiaux-Jones (Founder)

“It is the small changes that we make to take care of our physical and mental health that really make a big difference”

First up is founder and owner, Victoria Mairiaux-Jones whose morning routine helps provide structure and balance while juggling the demands of a growing business, staying in peak fitness and raising a family.

meet the founder
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Week 1

Focus: Mind

"Many of us have really good intentions about self-care and our health, but the truth is thinking and hoping about all those positive things is only the first step. You then need to make REAL plans - what are you going to do, how often and who with? Put it in your schedule and mentally commit to making that plan on paper turn into action! A successful fitness journey begins when your head is in the zone, you are focused on your goals and you know what you need to do in order to achieve them."

Week 2

Focus: Movement

"If you are the kind of person that needs three coffees before leaving the house, then this might actually save you time! Moving in the morning is an effective natural way of waking you up and clearing the morning brain fog. You don’t need to leap into burpees either - you can start slowly, gradually increasing the intensity. You cannot beat the feel-good chemicals post-workout! Get that 'Top-of-the-world' kind of feeling whilst standing in your living room."

100% handmade soap bar

Week 3

Focus: Nutrition

Victoria's 3 key criteria for every meal.
"If your food isn’t nutritious then your body will crave sugar. If you don’t enjoy your food then you will not sustain that habit. We need a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to live well. Stick with these three criteria and you will make those changes successfully and those fitness and health goals will be yours!"


“Because the most magic thing about a morning routine is that once those habits are in place - they run on autopilot and serve you every single day with very little effort: they take care of you”

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