Positive Outlook Clothing presents… ‘Slow Down’ – a content creation competition encouraging people to take a pause, appreciate the moment and set their own personal place. 

Harvey Broadbent (Founder)

“Much like Fast fashion contributes to the irreversible effects of pollution, a fast-paced lifestyle can lead to poor mental health and burn out”

The world is running faster than ever before; trends change almost daily and people’s attention spans are measured in nanoseconds. These traits can cause a negative perception that we should become a success over night.

meet the founder

“Greatness Takes Time” - Rome wasn’t built in a day, the Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel, Avatar all these masterpieces were a labour of love, crafted over hours, weeks, days and even years. Slow Down, enjoy the journey and the result will be even sweeter because you’ve earned it.

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Here's how to enter:

100% handmade soap bar

Step 1

Capture content:

The criteria is simple: capture your interpretative scene of ‘slowing down' in a fast-paced environment. Whether it be a busy train station, crowded cafe or bustling street corner. Get creative with the illusion of passing time.
Key ingredients:
- Long exposure
- Busy environments
- A subject (person)
- A mindful/slow practice 

Step 2

Share your content

We want every entrant to share their content on social media to inspire as many people as we can to slow down and get creative this spring.
Key criteria:
- Add our SLOW DOWN watermark
- Post image to insta grid and/or story
- Tag @positiveoutlookclothing
- Add #SlowDown22
- There are no limits to the amount of entries

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100% handmade soap bar

Week 3

Share the process

This campaign is all about enjoying the journey so we encourage you to capture yours and share it with the world via reels, videos or stories. You'll also receive a BONUS entry for sharing your work with the world.
- Share your camera settings
- Capture the location
- Share your thoughts on your subject/scene
- Tag @positiveoutlookclothing
- Add #SlowDown22


Top 4
1. Image feature on a limited edition bamboo/cotton t-shirt
2. FREE limited edition t-shirt
3. Artist feature on website
4. £50 to spend at Positive Outlook

1st Place:
1. All of the above +£100 to spend at Positive Outlook
+ A feature documentary about the artist, their passion and creative process
+ An opportunity to work with Positive Outlook on their next shoot.

“Because the most magic thing about a morning routine is that once those habits are in place - they run on autopilot and serve you every single day with very little effort: they take care of you”


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