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Spring Staycation

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A Step Closer To The Way It Should Be

Rekindle relationships and stand out in the crowd as a symbol of positivity.

As the world around us opens, we brace ourselves for another shift in routine - still not normal but a step closer to the way it should be. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Staycation’ collection, gathering items designed to give a boost to those that wear them. We all need to find ourselves again, so why not re-emerge into the world wearing a little extra confidence across your shoulders?


Feeling those Staycation vibes?

We have the chance to get back out there and explore what’s under our noses. With the beauty of our country clear to see, we are packing our bags and starting the engine as we prepare to feel the journey! Whether that’s a cabin in the woods or hammock in the hills, a B&B on a beach or a special spa retreat, staycations are our No.01 location for this spring/summer.

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The hollow microfibre structure of bamboo allows your skin to breathe naturally

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Bamboo fibres help regulate body temperature, keeping you warm yet allowing your skin to breath so you don't overheat

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Bamboo fibres are anti-static, meaning less wrinkles, less ironing and easier packing 

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The Feeling

As the sun comes out so do our soft tone colours, providing a pallet to compliment the beautiful spring. Our buttery soft bamboo clothing provides a gentle hug if it’s cool and a breathable layer for when it’s warm. Protecting even sensitive skin from UV-rays and folding without a crease, these items take away those ‘on-the-road’ stresses. Whilst we can’t promise you’ll get the weather you want, we can at least ensure you are looking and feeling great this spring!


Get Out There

If there is one thing we can take from lockdown it’s to love what we took for granted before. As the spring season arrives, a new era will begin as we venture out back into the world. Allow us to join you on your journey as you begin to explore and discover once again. Respect it, love it and enjoy it, for there is truly nowhere better than that place we all call home!



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