Made from wood pulp in a closed-loop manufacturing process. TENCEL is becoming the new standard for sustainability and comfort.

Natural from start to finish

The raw materials used for Tencel are sourced from responsibly managed forests helping to maintain natures balance. Then manufactured from wood pulp into bio-based fibres using an environmentally friendly production process.

The result is a naturally soft, low impact material, certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature.

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Closed-loop manufacture

TENCEL's production has set the new standard for its environmentally responsible closed-loop manufacturing process, creating a low impact fibre, efficiently with minimal waste.

The solvent-spinning process used to transform wood pulp into soft cellulose fibres recovers and recycles 99% of water and solvents used in the process.

This dedicated research and ingenuity has produced a truly sustainable fabric which feels as good as it looks.

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Tencel's closed-loop manufacturing process recovers and recycles 99% of water and solvents

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Minimal waste

Minimal waste

Tencel has set the new standard for efficiency and minimal waste

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Botanic origin

Botanic origin

Tencel is cultivated from sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified controlled forests

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The natural feel

TENCEL fibres gently drape over your skin with long-lasting softness helping you feel cool and comfortable, day or night.

Compared to polyester and other synthetic fibres, TENCEL is far more efficient at absorbing moisture and transferring it to the surface to evaporate and reduce bacteria.

The hollow structure of the bio-based fibres allows warm air to escape and your skin to breath, keeping your clothes fresh and you feeling your best.

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Kind to skin

Kind to skin

Tencel fibres are naturally soft to the touch and hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin

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Tencel fibres absorb moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate reducing growth of bacteria

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Enhance breathability

Enhance breathability

The hollow microfibres structure helps airflow supporting natural body temperature

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Restoring balance

Tencel is cultivated from sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified controlled forests using 80% less water in comparison to cotton plants — making TENCEL even more environmentally friendly.

The encouragement of these materials and responsible practices help the growth of the industry, increasing positive forestation and restoring balance in the ecosystem.

Why we love Tencel

For its sustainable production process, from botanic growth to bio-based fibre. It’s light on energy and water consumption. Extremely soft with a luxurious drape and long lasting colour retention

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Tencel Collection

Botanic origin made using closed-loop manufacture for less environmental impact