This week we're looking back at the good news that happened in April

Somehow, another month has come to an end and we're well into spring days, even though it doesn't look like it most of the times (thanks, English weather!). Whilst we're waiting for sunnier and warmer days, we look back at the positive news we've shared with you this month! 

PEOPLE  - The hero helping people with disabilities get fit and have fun

John Watson's mission is to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to get fit and feel happier.

John Watson created Bloom Fitness in 2016, a programme providing free in-person and online fitness classes for the IDD population in the US. Thanks to his non-profit organisation, over 900 athletes are attending classes regularly and have found a fun and engaging way to get fitter, more confident and less lonely.

Click HERE to read the full blog and find out more about John's incredible work!

PLANET - The English charity healing nature

Launched at the start of the pandemic, Heal's mission is to create wild reserves in each of the 48 English counties by 2050. Approximately 25,000 acres will be protected to allow local wildlife to flourish.

They've bought their first site near Bruton, called "Heal Somerset" and are now looking for funding to restore the land and meet their target.

Ideas for this first location include a communal orchard and a meeting space, as well as reintroducing rare breed cattle and regenerative trees to restore the ecosystem and allow nature to take care of itself in the long term.

Click HERE to read the full blog

PRACTICE - Celebrating Earth Day

Saturday 22nd April marked Earth Day, a day celebrated across 190 countries to protect the planet and fight climate change. Events ranging from parties, cleanups to protests and rallies were held across the country to mark the event that weekend, including "The Big One" in London which was organised by Exctinction Rebellion. 

We took this opportunity to share some easy tips to celebrate Earth Day at home, on that special day and every day!

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Léa's takeaway

It's been another fantastic month of finding and sharing inspiring stories with you and I look forward to see what May has in store for us! 

If you want to get more inpiring content related to Earth Month, here's a list of some amazing podcasts covering all issues and styles! 

Blog Author: Léa Gorniak - Apr 24th 2023

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