Tencel Collection - The New Standard for Sustainability and Comfort

Laura Coughlan
Ethical and wellness writer based in London, UK.

Clothing has an exceptional ability to transform a daily necessity into a daily pleasure. As you drape yourself in your favourite garments, thus looking and feeling your best, positive energy is born and flows with you all day, impacting all you do and see. That is the power of positivity.

But, what if this feel-good energy could transcend beyond a place of self-confidence and comfort? What if it could also stem from a place of kindness and community? Knowing that your daily choice of clothing can be one that works in union with the environment and in line with high ethical values.

Our brand new Tencel Collection is natural from start to finish, and is quickly becoming the new standard for sustainability and comfort.


We have always been experts in the art of comfort here at Positive Outlook. Free of elaborate colours and over-complicated designs, we let our materials do the talking. Made from renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis, our new Tencel Collection products are extremely soft, with a luxurious drape and long-lasting colour retention. 

Unlike its harsh polyester and synthetic fibre counterparts, Tencel has a hollow structure which allows warm air to escape, and your skin to breathe. Moisture is skilfully absorbed and transferred to the surface of the fabric to evaporate. Bacteria is efficiently reduced and you are left cool and comfortable, day or night.

Made for movement

The hollow structure of the bio-based fibres allows warm air to escape and your skin to breath, keeping your clothes fresh and you feeling your best.

The natural feel

TENCEL fibres gently drape over your skin with long-lasting softness helping you feel cool and comfortable, day or night.


The innovative Tencel fibres within our new collection are certified as compostable and bio-degradable, helping maintain environmental balance by being integrated into nature’s cycle. 

The fibre itself is cultivated from sustainable wood sources and harvested from certified controlled forests which use 80% less water in comparison to that of cotton plants. Furthermore, the solvent-spinning process used to transform wood pulp into soft cellulose fibres recovers and recycles 99% of water and solvents used in the process.

A sustainable production process which is light on energy and water consumption, is precisely why we love Tencel.

Shop the collection

Carefully crafted using new-age technology and process to give you a collection of long-lasting basics that aid natural movement while keeping you cool and dry.

The Motion T

Looking for a t-shirt with a little more motion in the ocean? Our bio-based fibre Tencel t-shirt combines luxurious styling with maximum movement. The naturally elastic fabric gently glides over the skin to allow ultimate comfort. .

The Freedom Tank

Available in both a Women’s and Men’s fit, this lightweight and breathable tank is the perfect sports companion. The fabric works hard to wick moisture away from the body, thus keeping you cool and fresh.

The Empower Vest

Get up and go in this lightweight and breathable Women’s vest. The fabric gently glides over your skin for a flattering fit and ultra-comfort, and is combined with a statement open racerback, making the piece perfect for dressing up or down.

The Breeze T

For days where you want more of an oversized feel, move freely in our lightweight and breathable loose-fit Women’s t-shirt. All of our designs are available in a choice of beautifully earthy Spruce, Indian Ink, Black and Merlot tones.

Shop our innovative Tencel Collection now and feel the power of positivity.