Bamboo - A Ground-To-Wardrobe Journey

Bamboo Clothing

If you know our brand, you’ll know that we are real lovers of bamboo. In this blog, we would like to take you through the journey of our bamboo clothing products, from the ground to your wardrobe.We hope that sharing this process with you will show you exactly why this fabric should be one of your favourites too!


Bamboo grows somewhat differently to most plants. It is only in the spring that new canes (culms) are produced. These then grow in height and diameter for approximately 60 days, before reaching their natural height. Whilst the cane may last for around 10 years, it will not go through this growth process again.

Bamboo also requires less water to grow and some estimates position this figure at 2.5cm of water a week. In stark contrast, 2,700 litres of water are needed to produce one cotton T-shirt. What a difference!There are also a number of reasons why bamboo is particularly sustainable:

  • The speed of growth - It grows notoriously quickly and, in some cases, up to 40 inches in a single day! This means it may be harvested and regrown faster than any other plant on Earth.
  • No need for fertiliser - Humans have a dreadful tendency to push production as hard and fast as possible. When it comes to growing produce, fertiliser is a basic go-to, but it can be damaging:
  • Extended usage can increase the acidity of the soil, restricting future plant growth.
  • The nitrates and phosphates in soil lead to eutrophication. This is when the minerals and nutrients bleed into nearby bodies of water. Whilst this might sound positive, it is not. Eutrophication results in harmful algal blooms that overwhelm and kill other creatures living in the water.
  • Whilst nitrogen is fantastic for healthy soil, it produces the emission of nitrous oxide. This is one of the big three greenhouse gases, alongside carbon dioxide and methane.
  • Self-regeneration - Unlike most plants, bamboo self-regenerates, meaning no replanting, which saves labour, machinery and large amounts of water and pesticides.
  • Full-cycle material - Bamboo’s biodegradable nature means that, at the end of its life, it can return to the ground. This is a process that takes around 2-4 months. A synthetic alternative will disintegrate in anywhere between 50-200 years! 

Creating The Fabric

To create the fabric, we begin by dissolving the bamboo, which creates a pulpy substance. This is then strained and pushed through a spinneret, which can then be spun into fibres, ready to be made into threads and fabric.

The resulting fabric is highly breathable and stretchier than cotton - as well as being more environmentally friendly! What’s not to love!?

Bamboo Clothing

In short, yes!

The sustainable fabric created is perfect for underwear and active/leisurewear. It is silky-soft, absorbent, breathable, and most importantly, kind to the planet.

But the benefits of bamboo don’t end there! It’s also anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, offers greater longevity and leads to fewer washes. In fact, one of our customers’ biggest complaints is that our clothing lasts “too long”!

What’s more, with free delivery on orders over £35, 15% student discount and a number of bundle offers, it’ll work out well for your bank account too.

But Is The Clothing Practical?

Find Yours, Find Us

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Feb 8th 2021

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