Lifestyle Changes: Becoming An Eco Household

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We believe that the key to becoming an eco household lies in the little things, such as replacing the hundreds of plastic-laden everyday items with newer and stronger alternatives. It may seem like a challenge, but it’s one we’re ready to face at Positive Outlook.

The Nemesis Of The Eco Household

Plastic is the enemy of any eco household, not only for its ability to last for hundreds of years in landfills or clog up the insides of marine creatures, but for its insidious presence in almost every aspect of our lives. From microplastics to packaging, this destructive substance is relied upon for numerous handy bits and pieces. Despite our best recycling efforts, only 9% of these items are recycled, the rest being burned or left to moulder away. However, with new knowledge, technology and a renewed moral compass, we are confident we can dispense with this seemingly indispensable material.

Replacing Food And Drink Containers

Containers for food and particularly drink are a massive target for eco households, with 80% of plastic bottles ending up in landfills. Indeed, plastic bags, paper coffee cups, and clothing make the top ten of the longest-lasting landfill objects. You can combat this by thinking ahead and buying or making reusable substitutes for eating and drinking on the go, such as our steel bottle. Sleek and stylish with a bamboo lid and carry handle, it can be reused multiple times, with food-grade stainless steel to ensure the liquid stays untainted and tasting good. The twin-wall feature also means that any hot or cold drink stays that way, keeping iced tea icy for 12 hours and hot chocolate hot for six.

For those who like a cappuccino on their way to work, try packing a reusable cup and ask the barista to fill it with your chosen drink. We make an aesthetically pleasing coffee cup from organic and biodegradable materials, completely chemical-free. You can also buy a neat travel mug made from the same substances. After use, pack it all up with our cotton canvas daypack, whose neutral sandy colours will complement any outfit.

Leisure Wear

Looking Good: Sustainable Toiletries

Essential health and beauty items can also hold nasty surprises. Even a toothbrush can cause significant damage, with the nylon bristles and plastic handle taking up to 400 years to degrade. In addition, tiny particles break off and find their way into the waterways, affecting not only animals but humans, causing disease and disabilities. Our toothbrushes are designed for an eco household, with the handle made of a fully biodegradable bamboo which can be thrown away by sticking it in the soil, compost or food waste.

We are also working hard to stem the flow of microplastics emanating from the cosmetics industry. Our bamboo cotton buds are 100% plastic free and sourced from responsibly managed renewable materials. Supplement them with a gift box of makeup pads, created by our partner Mooju. Their beauty box holds pads for cleansing, makeup remover and toner application, plus a bag in which to launder them. The products are 70% bamboo and 30% cotton fleece, luxuriously soft and beautifully sustainable. 

Putting Plans Into Action

Whether you choose to visit our online shop or rely on your innovation and creativity, we at Positive Outlook are cheering you on as you endeavour to put your plans into action and become an eco household! 

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - April 26th 2022