Buying Clothes: Money-Saving Tips For Your Wardrobe

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Sometimes sustainable shopping feels like healthy eating - it’s desirable, but probably quite expensive. Admittedly, one of the main attractions of fast fashion is its cheapness, with garments flying off the shelves for very little money. It makes sense, seeing as fashion-followers are buying clothes anew with every changing trend.

However, work your way back from the impressive retail price and you will find the manufacturers labouring for appalling wages, working ridiculous hours to make ends meet. We detest exploitation at Positive Outlook, which is why we take our employees’ welfare extremely seriously and are working to revolutionise the clothing industry.

As part of our endeavour to make all clothing ethical, we are committed to making shopping from sustainable companies accessible to everyone, which is why we have a few money-saving tricks up our sleeve. 

Buying Clothes Wisely

When your wardrobe becomes depleted, be on the lookout for new quality items. Durability and comfort should be your watchwords when buying clothes. Will you be forking out for a replacement within the year? Will a few turns in the washing machine make your garment stiff or itchy? Bamboo is an excellent material in this case. The structure of the bamboo fibres makes the fabric luxuriously soft, while their maturity and strength ensure a long lifespan.

Another tip is to choose truly timeless styles. When buying clothes, simple items are a strategic choice - for example, our bamboo tops and t-shirts work with sweatpants, jeans, skirts or dungarees. Any one would be a staple for your wardrobe, ideal for any casual combo.

Tactical Savings

Our savings are scattered all over our website. If you know where to look you can have the time of your life buying clothes for less!

Let’s start with our bundles: sets of underwear, leisure clothes, sweats and t-shirts which add up to less than their individual sum. By investing in a mini-collection, you can boast a discount of up to 40% off, which you can supplement with a 15% discount by leaving a review on our product pages! Alternatively, if you prefer to pay over time rather than part with your money all at once, you can make use of our Klarna option, enabling you to pay over a period of three months. 

Leisure Wear

Buying Clothes With A Gift Card

Don’t forget your friends! If you know someone who is buying clothes but for the wrong prices or from the wrong people, why not give them one of our gift cards? Just forward our message to that person or tell us their email address so we can send it directly! As we said at the beginning, we’re working for sustainable fashion for everyone.

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - May 25th 2022