Earth Day: Investing In An Environmentally Friendly Company 

Environmentally Friendly Company

The 22nd April 2022 is Earth Day - a global event highlighting the importance of protecting our planet and investing in a sustainable future. It may seem like our efforts as an environmentally friendly company are in vain, but we know change is possible. We know because we’ve seen it.

We Have Hope

We can survive without causing tremendous damage to the environment. A London observatory noted a 60% decrease in CO2 emissions during the 2020 lockdown as the number of car journeys plummeted. The Natural History Museum was among many institutions that collated research on the effect of government restrictions and were shocked by the rapid improvements they saw.

Despite these positive signs, we are already seeing how fast this progress can be undone if we don’t invest in the Earth long-term. Humans have returned to their previous habits at an alarming rate, but at Positive Outlook, we refuse to be downhearted. 

How We Make An Impact As An Environmentally Friendly Company

We are defined by our commitment to being an environmentally friendly company. Our garments are made from sustainably-sourced materials such as bamboo, wood pulp, organic cotton and hemp, which cuts out harmful pesticides, reduces water usage, and contributes significantly less waste. Our materials are knitted into top-quality clothing using state of the art technology. This ensures that waste products are minimal and allows for our dyes to be thoroughly tested in-house and certified as organic.

We refuse to use plastic in any of our packaging, so our products arrive wrapped in biodegradable, recyclable paper from FSC certified forests. When unpacking your purchase you’ll see our commitment to investing in the Earth for yourself.

We are also partnered with Green Story Inc, who enable us to be transparent about the journey and footprint of each product. They also help to manage our offsetting contributions as an environmentally friendly company, which includes renewable energy, tree planting and community projects. 

Bamboo Bras

How Can You Make An Impact?

Reduce, reuse and recycle, just like they taught you at school!

The fast fashion industry is responsible for £30 billion worth of unworn clothes being sent to landfills every year. Reduce the amount of new clothing you buy and invest in long-lasting quality garments. Our temperature regulating bamboo range is an excellent choice for durable clothing that can be worn all year round.

You can reuse and repurpose a wide range of everyday items, bringing elements of sustainability into your routine. Why not upcycle your jam jars into beautiful plant pots or candle holders, utilise those milk bottles as display items in the garden, or get creative as a family by upcycling that old piece of furniture? Pinterest is full of inspiration for your waste wonders.

Firstly, you should separate your goods, as this will expedite the process. Be sure to check your local council collection to see what can and can’t be accepted as you may need to take a quick trip to your local recycling plant for certain items. Local companies like The Co-Op have even introduced their own initiatives, enabling even those soft plastics, that are usually destined for landfill, to be recycled.

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As well as the above, you can shop with independent, local brands driving for a more sustainable future! Every purchase from an environmentally friendly company counts, whether it’s food from a zero-waste grocery shop or leisurewear from us. When you buy from Positive Outlook you know your money is going towards equitable practices, improved efficiency and reduced waste. Plus you get some fantastic clothes and underwear to enjoy!

Visit our website to browse our online shop, learn more about us, how our products are created, and our community work. Keep up with us on our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for all of our latest news.

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - April 21st 2022