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Bamboo Clothing

Sustainable, ethically sourced clothing is becoming more and more popular as we all begin to recognise the damage that fast fashion is doing to the Earth, and the people who are exploited to produce such garments.

 Unfortunately, many individuals who would like to buy items like ours fear that they may be too expensive. We would wholeheartedly disagree, particularly as the bamboo clothing we stock will last for years, both because of its timeless style and the durability of this material.

In an effort to provide an alternative to high-street consumerism, we see the clothing that we stock as a more sustainable, all-year-round way of saving money. Plus, we’ve also come up with some creative ways of helping your money go that little bit further.

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Buy In Bundles

The easiest way to make a big saving on our bamboo clothing is to opt for one of our bundles as opposed to buying singular items. You can save up to 25% on our leisurewear and we’ve got a range of underwear deals too.

 The thing is, our bamboo clothing is the ideal wardrobe staple, it’s stylishly minimalist but with a focus on functionality. The subtle colours and avoidance of loud prints mean that these items will fit into your current wardrobe seamlessly. That’s why opting for one of our bundles is a brilliant idea, because you’ll have the foundation to a number of outfits sorted!

Free Shipping

It’s really irritating when you’re shopping online and then when you go to the checkout the price of shipping is ridiculously high. So, we figured that we would help avoid that issue by sending you your new bamboo clothing for free:

- Spend £50 and get free UK shipping
- Spend £100 and get free EU shipping
- Spend £100 and get free UK express delivery (recommended for those who want next-day comfort!)
- Spend £200 and get free international shipping

You can find full shipping details on our website, including expected arrival times.

Bamboo Clothing

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Feb 24th 2022