A creative content competition encouraging people to set their own personal pace and enjoy the journey

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On the 15th May our campaign #SlowDown launches to the public, encouraging people to take a pause, appreciate the moment and slow down the rate in which they go about their lives. To help push the message, we are hosting a public content competition that enables upcoming creatives to share their perspective on what ‘slowing down’ looks like through the power of a single image. Whether you’ve got an iphone or the latest DSLR, it’s time to play with some long exposure imagery.

“Much like Fast fashion contributes to the irreversible effects of pollution, a fast-paced lifestyle can lead to poor mental health and burn out”
- Harvey Broadbent (Founder of Positive Outlook)

Now more than ever the world is running faster than before; trends change almost daily and people’s attention spans are measured in nanoseconds. Driven on by our mission to have a positive impact on people’s lives, we hope to use this campaign to encourage people to take things one step at a time. Whether it's stopping to read a book, losing yourself in good music or taking a stroll through a local park, how would you depict the concept of ‘slowing down’? 

Below are a few examples:

The criteria are very simple: a photograph, in black and white, captured using the art of long exposure to create an illusion of passing time. In a single image, the concept of ‘slowing down’ must be personified. For more information on the rules or to register your interest in the competition, visit our full Slow Down Page.

“This is a chance for upcoming local creatives to participate in a mindful campaign; drawing on their skills to depict an important message in these strange post-pandemic times”
- Dan Agyei (Visual Content Creator, Positive Outlook)

The top 4 entries will have their photographs printed onto a limited edition bamboo T-shirt design, feature stories on their website and cash rewards to spend on their website and pop-up store. Above all else, the winning entry will get a short-form documentary and an opportunity to work with the company on a professional shoot.

If you have an idea that perfectly portrays this message, submit your long exposure entry so that the brand can share your #SlowDown story.

Right click or tap and hold to save the watermark to use on your entries

Good Luck!

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - March 7th 2022