#47 - Meeting Milkfluencers, Consumer Considerations & Mental appreciation


Not all heroes wear capes!

It’s never been more important to fill children’s minds with wonderful things, teaching them to be kind and compassionate to others. The eco-friendly supply agency, Milk Education, is pioneering an approach using the power of social media to ensemble real-life superheroes, driving wellness and diversity awareness into schools. These ‘Milkfluencers' are all positive role models, hoping to change the stigma around diversity and mental health.



Do you trust sustainability claims? 

Cargill completed a study into what their customers actually look for in terms of sustainability. Their findings showed that 51% of UK consumers now place greater emphasis on a product’s credentials. In particular, they’re drawn to claims such as “responsibly produced” or “sustainably-sourced” rather than specific claims of being ‘fair-trade’; suggesting they want more holistic transparency over where products actually come from.



As we enter into a new month, we thought we’d dive into the sensitive and sometimes challenging concept of Gratitude. Now, most people are brought up with family figures highlighting the need to show thanks and appreciation when someone is kind; it's a common and usually expected part of the way we communicate. However in this series, we want to bend your definition of gratitude slightly, reverting focus from how you interact externally to others, onto a more internal and mental display of gratitude for the things around you.

Rather than jump into exercises you could implement that force you to take time out of your day, we want to start by training yourself to subtly experience the mental side of gratitude - moving on from an instinctive, automatic behaviour shown to others, to a thoughtful and considered train of thought that lasts longer than a simple statement. Spend this week thinking through why you’re grateful for someone doing something. It's so easy to throw the words “thank you” out there, but try to actually take in and think about how their actions have impacted/influenced you.

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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