#48 - Wholesome Haircuts, Double Deckers & Pen-to-paper 


‘Do something for nothing’

Hair-stylist, Joshua Coombes took his clippers out onto the streets of London in 2015. Having stopped to speak to a vulnerable man living on the streets near his salon, Joshua ended up providing a free haircut while they chatted. Since that day, he’s been sharing the stories of homeless people he’s cut hair for across his community, sparking a now global movement - #DoSomethingForNothing.



The UK’s first all-electric bus city

Along with being crowned as ‘The City of Culture’ in 2021, Coventry is about to be put on the map again as the UK’s first all-electric bus city! As part of a project ordered by the National Express Coventry, brand-new British built zero-emission double decker buses will enter into service by 2023. Helping to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions across the city, this £140 million project will be worth every penny! 



In our first activity we encouraged you to develop a stronger, more embedded mental experience of gratitude when saying thank you for how someone else has acted. This week, we want you to build on this initial reflection, by documenting these feelings of appreciation in real time. In the modern day, there really isn't any excuse not to write something down. Whether you use the notes on your phone, a reminder through SIRI or a classic pen-to-paper approach, we want you to become comfortable translating those thoughts and feelings into words, so that you can return to them at another time.

The gratitude we show towards someone can often be impulsive, short-lived and in the moment. However, by taking the time and mental effort needed to physically write down what you were grateful for, you will make yourself analyze the situation, think deeper into their motives and gain a grasp of the true impact their behavior had on us. Better still, a week down the line when things don't seem as rosey, you will have a concrete example of the good in the world that you'll be able to return to, helping to get through those more challenging times...

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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