#49 - Redefining roles, B-corp businesses & Vegetable Load-up


Rewrite the script of masculinity

Ben Hurst, who works for the charity ‘Beyond Equality’, is part of a team that visits schools, universities and workplaces, urging people to rethink gender roles and stereotypes. Through interactive workshops and creative games, the charity aims to highlight, challenge and question the stereotypes, in particular men, hold over their opposite gender, thereby tackling the issue of gender-based violence as a result.



B-corp launches a sustainability pop-up

As the B-corp stamp becomes more recognised by consumers as a credible badge of sustainable and ethical practice, the organization has now launched a pioneering corner-shop inspired space in London to raise awareness of their certified brands. Dubbed the ‘Good News’ store, over 100 UK brands will be displayed for the public to explore, shining a light on the products that have sustainability at their core!



Now, we all know that how we eat can have a significant and lasting impact on our physical health. From our earliest years we are surrounded by messages from family, friends, teachers and coaches to “watch what you eat” and “focus on a balanced diet”. This month however, we are less interested in the physical health of the body per se and more, in the development and preservation of the mind! There is a lot of evidence out there showing what you eat can make a big difference to the long term health of the brain and rate of our cognitive decline. First up, we discuss the all too familiar need for those vegetables!

Researchers have found that green leafy vegetables like kale, collards, spinach or lettuce in particular, have been shown to lower the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. Packed with nutrients linked to better brain health like folate, vitamin E, carotenoids and flavonoids, there is a method behind our parents’ madness! Just one serving has been shown to slow brain aging, but to max out your veggie score, aim for at least six servings of greens a week. Open up your mind to a wider range of vegetables because they are far more than just a nuisance on a plate!  

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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