#50 - Special Sprinter, Waste-free Women & ‘Berry’ Important task


From Child Soldier To Runner, To Mentor!

Starting life off as a child soldier, Mira Rai, who was born in a farmer’s home in eastern Nepal, is now trail-blazing an initiative to support young women from impoverished backgrounds into ultra-running. Since emerging as a running prodigy in 2014, Mira now not only competes in 80km+ races, but also provides mentorship for women brought up in poverty and discrimination.



Female-lead businesses leading the way! 

From trainers made from bacteria and biodegradable sanitary products, to an ‘unplastic’ brewery and volunteer-lead repair events, there are so many inspiring women-lead businesses we could share! Continuing the theme of Women’s Independence Day this week, the amazing Positive.News. site has collated together 5 incredible examples of women fighting for a waste-free world! 



As we continue our look into ‘food for the mind’ we turn our attention to those sweet little berries that should be a staple item in anyone’s breakfast bowl. It is no secret that fruit provides a vital form of nutrition in our diets; as they say “make sure to get your five-a-day!”. But remember, our focus is on the health, development and longevity of the human mind; sharing those power foods that preserve and protect our brain’s functioning. That’s why our focus is on a fruit proven by research to far exceed any other in slowing the rate of cognitive decline.

In fact, a study spanning over 20 years involving over 16,000 older adults, showed that those eating the most blueberries and strawberries throughout their day, experienced the slowest rates of cognitive decline. Whilst there is still lots to learn, researchers suggest that it is the high level of ‘flavonoids’ found within berries that help to promote this long-term brain health. Try swapping some of those craving snacks this week for a bowl or two of berry delight...

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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