#54 - Leeds Legend, Second-hand Stars & Value of Volunteering


“I’m one of the lucky ones”

Craig Winstanley, 47, is lighting up Leeds with his efforts to help his community by volunteering at food banks and supporting ex-convicts rehabilitate back into society. Blinded with a rare eye disease since birth, Craig only has 3% vision compared to most but loves to laugh in the face of this adversity. “I’ve still got brains, ears and a mouth. Just because my eyes don’t work, why should that stop me?”.



Showcasing sustainable fashion

Students from three Oxford schools recently combined efforts to highlight the creativity that exists amongst second-hand fashion. Borrowing 20 bags of donated clothing from an Oxfam store, the students designed and modeled their own upcycled outfits in the Natural History Museum. By showcasing sustainable fashion in this historic setting, they wanted to highlight a creative alternative to fast fashion.



Last week we introduced the concept of ‘connectivity’, encouraging you to broaden your horizons and set out into nature to start feeling more immersed in your surroundings. This week, we are setting you a challenge! Rather than stick to your own routine, spending time interacting with the same colleagues and friends as usual, we want you to push the boat out slightly and start connecting with a different sector of society. Even if it's just one session a week, have you got the time to get some volunteering in your routine?

It's a well known fact that just having people around you doesn’t necessarily prevent you from feeling alone. If we spend time truly getting to know one another however, we create a sense of companionship even if our circumstances are widely different. Volunteering creates a space for listening to others that are less fortunate than ourselves and opportunities to open our hearts to let feelings of connectivity in. Just one hour a week provides a valuable chance to connect with others, making a positive difference at the same time!

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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