#55 - Song-signing, Sustainable Scouting & Group Goal


Song-signing mum short-listed for an award! 

Rebecca Briener from Kent, lost her hearing in an accident aged three causing her to lose up to 60% of her hearing. But now the mum-of-two has turned her impairment into a force for good by creating a sign movement called Sheppy’s Song Signing Choir. Having long campaigned for sign language to be taught in schools, Rebecca’s choir is now in the final eight of one of Britain’s top small business awards



A sustainable pledge leading the way for our youth! 

Did you know that 2022 has been designated the European Year of Youth? As part of this important year the Scouting community has committed to the world’s largest youth movement in terms of sustainable development. By clearly defining their Sustainable Development Goals, the Scouts aim to lead the way in highlighting the critical role young people need to play! 



Given that this weekend is longer than usual, we thought it best to have an exercise that encourages social interaction with other people. But, as you may have guessed by now, to truly generate a sense of connectivity, you need to do a bit more than just be in the presence of others; you need to be able to relate, engage with and often depend on others, to create that sense of companionship. That’s why this week we want you to take advantage of that added time we have with other people to get creative and undertake a task that means you work towards a group goal.

This could be cooking up a group meal, tidying up the garden as a couple, playing a game of football with friends or maybe even just a virtual family quiz. By committing yourselves to get a group task done together, you create more opportunities to let other people in. The rapport that emerges when you rely on a group to achieve a goal, helps you to feel connected to those around you as you strive to achieve something you all share a mutual interest in. 

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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