#59 - Remarkable rugby, Wonderful wildlife & Inclusive thinking.


National recognition for mixed-ability athletes

Last week, we saw a huge leap forward for inclusion in International sports. Over 1100 athletes from all around the world headed to Cork, Ireland for the mixed-ability rugby World Cup. As well as this being the first time Ireland has hosted, it is also the first time that women have been able to compete for the cup. With 80 games played and 25,000 supporters throughout the week, it sure is time for a celebration! 



A new hope for British wildlife

An exciting new nature recovery project has been launched in the UK by Natural England. This recovery project spans over 99,000 hectares across 5 landmark locations and aims to protect our wildlife and improve public access to nature. It is expected to assist in our landscapes' resilience to climate change as well as helping to reduce our carbon and manage flood risks.



Reading just 30 minutes a day before bed can help your mind wind down and relieve stress after a busy day. So this month expand your inclusive knowledge and improve your sleep quality through the gift of books.

Here are our 3 favourite books on inclusivity and diversity

The Loudest Duck : Moving beyond Diversity while embracing differences.
This book advocates for a meaningful approach to diversity. The author, Laura Liswood, challenges readers to be aware of inequities and change their ingrained ways of thinking.
Find book here:

Wonder : By R.J Palacio.
Although originally written as a childrens book ‘Wonder’ gives a heartfelt insight into the prejudice and discrimination people can be experiencing everyday, it teaches us to celebrate and embrace our uniqueness and individuality.
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Inclusion : By Jennifer Brown.
This highly loved book focuses on change and why we need it, specifically within the workplace. Teaching us to embrace people's differences leading to more inclusive environments.
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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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