#58 - Friendly farming, Positive packaging & Embracing Vulnerability


Farming for future generations

James Reid and Rose Devan, who own Tap O’Noth farm in Aberdeenshire, have become modern ‘influencers’, using YouTube to highlight the environmental benefits of eco-friendly agriculture for young people across Scotland. With over 19,000 subscribers on their channel, the duo create self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems across their farm that has enabled them to live purely off the land for the past decade!



Do Gen Z consumers care about packaging?

A study of over 1,000 Gen Z consumers (10-25 years) found that 56% are less likely to buy from a retailer again if their packaging isn’t sustainable! Their encouraging findings also showed that 73% were keen to be able to reuse their packaging and 78% ranked the ability to recycle as an important trait. It’s safe to say Gen Z don't just care about the products they buy, they also care about what those products arrive in! 



Throughout our series focusing on building that sense of connectivity, we have dived into a range of proactive exercises that keep you busy, remind you of past connections and get you involved in the lives of others around you. For our final practice, we are challenging you to probably the most difficult task to date - embracing your vulnerability. You will no doubt have been told to open up to other people, share your concerns and allow others to be there for advice… but how often have you actually allowed yourself to cry?!

Now, we aren’t necessarily saying everyone should have something to be upset about. Instead, we are encouraging you to be true to yourself about how you’re feeling and make a conscious effort to avoid that in-built, protective mechanism we all turn to to avoid showing others our emotions. In our species’ early years, it was advantageous to hide how you were feeling, preventing others seeing you at your weakest and giving off an ora of confidence and strength. But the world has evolved since then and now this habit can leave us secluded. Try to open up to someone this week in an unfiltered manner so that you can experience where true connectivity actually lies!  

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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