#61 - Community Companions, Fossil Fuel Reductions and Mindful Monopoly.


The hard times are bringing us closer together

New research from Engage England has revealed that the pandemic combined with the cost of living crisis has brought many communities all across the UK closer together, and has created more charitable mindsets. Over 35% of adults say that they now feel closer to their communities than ever before and 21% of individuals feel less lonely than they did prior to lockdown. 



The end of the road for G7 fossil fuel projects

Seven of the world’s most advanced economies will no longer be investing in overseas fossil fuel projects by the end of the year. This exciting new agreement from all G7 countries means that over £27 million will now be redirected from fossil fuel projects to renewable energy sources, helping to create a greener and cleaner planet.



Inclusivity is the practice of equal access, opportunities and resources for people who may have otherwise been excluded.
Privilege is an advantage or immunity granted towards particular individuals or groups.

Although you may be aware of privilege and what it can mean, sometimes it can be tricky to fully understand just how much of an impact it can have, specifically on individuals within minority groups.

To get you thinking about privilege and inclusivity, we are encouraging you to play a game of ‘Mindful Monopoly’

The Rules:
One player gets double the pay every time they pass go.
Another player gets half the pay every time they pass go.
One individual is automatically given 3 properties before the game starts
And another starts in jail so misses their first three goes.

As you play, you will quickly begin to realise how easy it can be to get ahead when privilege is on your side and how tricky it can be when you start less well off than the other players.

If games aren’t your thing, another way to learn about privilege is to volunteer within your community. By helping those in need you will be able to reflect on the different backgrounds and circumstances of those around you and appreciate all that you have, some people simply don’t have the same resources, money or time as others.

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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