#66 -Fantastic Football, Captivating Coral and Preventing Water Waste


The Lionesses, Inspiring The Next Generation

After the lionesses incredible win in recent weeks, there has already been an increase in girls and women getting out and giving football a go. However research in the UK has found that one of biggest struggles for young players is being able to afford their kit. The charity ‘football rebooted’ set out to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with donated football boots, meaning millions more children can participate in the fun.



Are our coral reefs recovering?

The Australian institute of Marine science has recorded the highest levels of coral in the Northern and Central Great Barrier Reef. With up to 9% increase of coral in some areas, this is the highest amount of coral that has been recorded here in the last 36 years. Although disturbances to the reefs are becoming more common, this hopeful news shows that they are able to recover and grow after damage.



Parts of England have experienced the driest summer ever on record since 1836, this has caused a major drought throughout the country.

 So this week we are sharing 3 ways that you can help to save water.

Saving shower water

An easy way of preventing unnecessary water waste is to save the cold water that runs when you first turn on your shower. When we switch the shower on, often we wait for the water to turn hot, letting it go to waste. Instead, catch the shower water in a large bucket or jug whilst you're waiting for it to turn warm. You can then use this water on your plants or for the washing up.

Invest in a rain capture tank

Rain capture tanks are water storage units that sit in your garden and collect the rainwater. The water can then be used in your garden and on your plants, therefore saving you from using your hosepipe and house water. This will also help you to save on your water bills.

Save up your washing

 Rather than washing less clothes more often, try saving up a few extra items before each wash, doing one full wash uses less water and energy than two smaller washes. 

Blog Author: Ben Oliver - Jan 28th 2022

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