Style In Safety: Meet Our Bamboo Face Coverings

“Our actions hold the key to a fast recovery for the entire humankind” ― Abhijit Naskar.

It's not me; it's you. There are no two ways about it; face coverings have swiftly become our new way of life. A symbol of community in a Covid-tainted world, to wear a face-covering, acts solely in others' interest. My cover protects you, and your cover protects me. How better to manifest kindness in our day-to-day routines than selflessly safeguard the wellbeing of every soul we come into contact with? We can also strengthen our faith in others by trusting that their actions will protect us too.

I'm sure we can all agree that 2020 did not live up to the hope-fuelled and electrifying energy that we often feel on many a New Year's Eve. Last year was a time of isolation, introspection, and wistful nostalgia for a lot of us. Life has slowed down, and unexpected habits have become the new norm – namely, the mandatory introduction of face coverings.

As a company, Positive Outlook wants to find the light in everything that life throws our way. Adaption is vital in achieving healthy mental resilience, especially when it concerns circumstances beyond our control. That is why we wanted to create an environmentally friendly choice in this new way of life, a product that wholeheartedly proves that there is both comfort and style in safety. Meet our brand-new Bamboo Face Coverings.

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Our buttery soft, multi-functional face coverings are made from a luxurious blend of bamboo and organic cotton and are available in a choice of our signature hues. Worn as a neck warmer, snood, headband, and more – your imagination is the only limitation. Face coverings are 2020's answer to sunglasses. First protecting our health, but transformed into a staple accessory with the power to embody a snippet of our personality and project it out and onto the world.

Why bamboo?


It is no secret that many of us have suffered from skin imperfections around the cheek and chin area since the masks' introduction. Unlike cheap disposable masks, bamboo fabric naturally reduces the build-up of bacteria. Covers stay fresher for longer, reducing the amount of washing needed

Girl on sofa in bamboo t-shirt


Worn as a neck warmer in winter, as a shield during windy hikes, or as a headband during warmer days, this supremely soft face covering will be a firm favourite season after season. Say goodbye to rooting through your pockets and rummaging through your bag every time you need to protect your nose and mouth – our Bamboo Face Covering will always be a few inches away.

Girl on sofa in bamboo t-shirt


Best of all, this product is entirely carbon-neutral, with emissions created during the manufacturing process being offset by social and environmental projects — a treat for you and a treat for the planet.

Girl on sofa in bamboo t-shirt

Ideal all-year-round, it can be worn as a neck warmer, snood, headband, hat and more.
Your imagination is the only limitation.

Disclaimer: This product was designed subject to government guidelines regarding Covid face protection at the time of production and therefore may change.
For full advised protection the face cover must be worn double layered over your mouth.

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Article credit : Laura Coughlan - Ethical and Wellness write for Positive Outlook Clothing

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Blog Author: Laura Coughlan - Jan 8th 2020