Leisure Wear - A New Way Of Working

Leisure Wear

The pandemic has upended the way many of us work. A recent survey found that 84% of managers were continuing with a hybrid approach, mixing office and home working. This shift away from a full-time office routine has left dust accumulating on the traditional shirt or blouse, with just 10% of employees reported to have chosen work attire rather than leisure wear when completing tasks at home.

Sit Comfortably In Leisure Wear

The working day can be long and arduous if our clothing is uncomfortable. A 2015 study in scientific journal Procedia Manufacturing discovered that most clothing is designed for standing or moving positions. As a result, excessive fabric can put pressure on contact points when we sit down, as our waist dimensions alter.

Given that compelling research has revealed that most working adults spend between one half and two thirds of their time seated, this is a major flaw! A ‘great gap’ exists in the fashion industry for leisure wear that suits the seated posture (Ibid).

Practical Without Procrastinating

Dressing in comfortable leisure wear doesn’t mean that you’ll fall asleep on the job. In fact, the Government advises that comfortable clothing can make employees more productive, as their ability to concentrate increases.

Feeling uncomfortable in whichever style of clothing you choose to wear for work can be a distraction and make you feel lethargic and irritable, spilling over into your work performance. We provide clothing which is silky soft, alleviating the compression forces which cause discomfort, allowing you to work in comfort and style.

Our leisure wear is not only extremely comfortable, eliminating the distractions of itchy shirts and tight trousers, but boasts a minimalist style. This can help when suits are hidden away in the back of the wardrobe but there’s an important client on the other end of the webcam. With our neat, clean-cut clothing featuring fitted tailoring, you can look smart and professional during virtual meetings while being as cosy as you would be in pyjamas!

Leisure Wear

The Benefits Of Bamboo

Our stylish bamboo items also cater to hot weather, sensitive skin and rough handling.

As well as feeling amazing to the touch, bamboo fabric also wicks away moisture. Sweat is moved away from the skin and transferred to the top layer of clothing, allowing it to evaporate quickly. Stay dry and regulate your temperature even in the midst of summer heatwaves!

The soft texture of our leisure wear doesn’t compromise on durability either, as bamboo-based material is highly robust. Being antistatic in nature also means that they can be ironed less!

Bamboo also provides for sensitive skin with its natural anti-allergenic properties, so everyone can enjoy our leisure wear.

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - April 26th 2022