Eco Accessories: A Spotlight On Some Of Our Favourite Products

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We’re spotlighting a few of our favourite items to demonstrate the amazing possibilities of our eco accessories. See what great-quality products are possible with our environmentally sound practices and sustainable sources and get excited about making a difference in our country’s wasteful lifestyle culture.

A Glimpse Of The Future With Our Bamboo Face Covering

Our bamboo face covering is a wonderful representative of what we stand for at Positive Outlook. A truly versatile product, this item can be worn as almost any accessory, from a neck warmer to a snood to a headband to a hat, protecting you from UV rays as the sun comes out from behind the clouds this summer and protecting other people as a fashionable replacement mask. We have maximised its comfort, ensuring it is breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Yet it is the material and production that make this bamboo covering such a treasure. Like some of our clothing and other eco accessories, this product is made from bamboo, a brilliant resource that shoots up without help from dangerous chemicals or pesticides, saves water and cleans the air, absorbing carbon dioxide at an astonishing rate. Furthermore, emissions are countered by our reforestation, solar and wind power projects, off-setting 1kg of CO2 and making this a wholly carbon neutral product. We believe this is a glimpse of the future and we can’t wait to see these practices overhaul outdated, destructive processes.

Vegan Eco Accessories

Our new eco accessories include a wallet, card holder and glasses sleeve that all give the smooth, sophisticated appearance of leather, while actually being made from cork! As well as looking the part and avoiding animal products, this tremendous material increases carbon absorption by up to 400%! With humanity’s carbon emissions continuing to cloud the atmosphere, cork is an even more valuable resource.

The cork trees also support a vast and diverse ecosystem which provides a habitat for many vulnerable wildlife. These eco accessories are a real delight for animal lovers, who can keep them in their back pocket knowing they are helping to protect numerous endangered species!

These eco accessories have a plant base but look and feel the part, are lightweight, durable and wear gracefully over time. Together they add a classy, cultured vegan touch to any outfit. 

Leisure Wear

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We’re eager to kickstart the lifestyle revolution, so we’re selling online gift cards of £10 or more so that you can share our comfortable and sustainable products with your friends and family. It’s easy to give as a present; you can either forward our email or enter the lucky recipient’s name and email address and have it sent straight to their account! They can choose from clothing or any of our eco accessories, including toiletries, bags, mugs and flasks. 

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Blog Author: Ben Oliver - April 30th 2022