The magic of a morning routine

Positive Outlook Clothing & Free Spirit Fitness Culture presents… ‘The Magic of a Morning routine’ – a collaborative campaign sharing the power and importance of investing in yourself at the start of the day... 

“It is the small changes that we make to take care of our physical and mental health that really make a big difference”
- Victoria Mairiaux-Jones, Free Spirit Fitness Culture

Chances are we’ve all been encouraged at some point in our lives to adopt a morning routine, possibly by friends or colleagues claiming that theirs had “changed their lives” and that you should do the same to benefit your own. This is nothing new; multiple studies have confirmed the benefit of a morning routine: waking up at the same time each day, adding some movement to your morning, planning the day ahead and taking time to enjoy a well-balanced breakfast, can all help towards a more proactive and productive day, along with a healthier body and mind in the long-run. Working days often mean very little time for yourself so your morning routine could be the little pocket where you “steal some time” just for you. However, what works for others may not work for you; your morning routine should be as personal as your ‘top picks’ playlist on Spotify: you do you!!!

A personal approach is at the core of Warwickshire-based fitness collective, Free Spirit Fitness Culture. Founded by Victoria Mairiaux-Jones, Free Spirit offers a complete well-being service including personal training, yoga and corporate fitness classes, both online and face-to-face. The Free Spirit team is made up of a range of coaches that share the same values, all offering unique skills, approaches and perspectives on fitness and wellbeing to their clients. This provides a completely personal service that works around each client's goals and needs.

We are excited to team up with Free Spirit Fitness Culture over the next few months to share the ‘Magic of a Morning routine’ by giving an insight into the unique and professional morning routines of the coaches themselves. You’ll find out how they get themselves up in the morning, what personal approaches they take to prepare their mind and body for the day ahead, discover exactly why their routine helps them and how you might just benefit from them too.

First up is founder and owner, Victoria Mairiaux-Jones whose morning routine helps provide structure and balance while juggling the demands of a growing business, staying in peak fitness and raising a family. Each week we’ll be diving into a different area of her morning routine from movement down to her nutrition. You’ll be able to get involved in an array of interactive posts, videos and Q&A’s across all our channels and discover the ‘Magic of a Morning routine.’

“Because the most magic thing about a morning routine is that once those habits are in place - they run on autopilot and serve you every single day with very little effort: they take care of you”

Blog Author: Harvey Broadbent - Feb 6th 2022

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